My Avatar???

Well its a long story.......i took my picture with my cell phone and i posted it on here.....quite a story huh?
ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
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Thanks Lisa

well am real and i have 44dd .i call them the real deal no fake.just me rick is nice love the beard

Thats about as big of a smile as i have without actually laughing

Whew! I didn't think you were ever gonna shaddup this Looong story so we could comment! ;D lol. <br />
I agree with Marj. The smile kinda don't reach yer eyes. But it's not a put-off pic. Makes the viewer MORE curious actually.

Maybe the picture explains why the only response i got on the dating website was from a woman(?) who claimed to be stranded in Nigeria because she went there with her parents and they were killed in a car accident and she couldn't pay her hotel bill or buy airplane tickets to get home and if i would just send her $2000 she would do anything i wanted just as soon as she got back to America LOL (no i wasn't desperate enough to send her the money LOL)

i thought this was one of the best stories i've ever read :)

That is my friendliest smile i took it to post on a dating website......maybe that explains something though

Uhm.....i was smiling

WOW! and i thought i was just trying to get a picture that wouldn't scare people!