My Picture...

My picture is my life. It took many years to understand that my life is a game. I abandoned it for years altogether for I was scared of all the pain it has caused me, the torment it has caused me, and the shattering of confidence it has caused. Every time I found myself wandering away from golf, my life started getting out of hand and crazy. I've found myself in a holding cell before, that kind of stuff.
I hit rock bottom with my life a little under a year ago. My girlfriend at the time dumped me in a way, on my birthday. My family wasn't around to be there, and I withdrew into a very scary place. It sucks when you have not a soul to comfort you in times of need. I made the mistake of going a month without the slightest idea as to what sobriety is.

I woke up one morning and remembered everything. I remembered to smile. I remembered to thank the big whatever it is that put us here, for all the awesomeness. I remembered my first love, golf. With that, I remembered that I am stronger than most for getting through the bad things that have happened because of this game. I remembered what I have is a brilliant gift and that not using it was detrimental to more than just myself. Since that day, I have had my blinders on. I will have my Sunday evening! I want to see their faces when its over. I will not stop until my mission is completed. That is why I only keep golf pictures now.
420sunny 420sunny
26-30, M
May 15, 2012