I Drew My Own Avatar

My Avatar was a character I drew for a story I wrote several years ago. His name in that story was Aramus and he was a litch that fed on the sexual energies of others. This is the first page of the chapter that introduces the character.

Chapter 9 Aramus

It was morning of the second day following the capture of Nadie and Bonnie. The screams of Nadie woke Bonnie, whose hands remained tied and tethered to one of the terror birds. The Ranixcalun carelessly left behind the aphrodisiac poultice while fleeing from the Professor and his plasma ray blaster. Without the luxury of the poultice, the captured slaves were not so willing to tolerate the Ranixcalun grotesque advances.
While their Captain, Nayaase, took his turn, the other sat groggily by the campfire; staring into the early morning mist, which had settled heavily that morning.
The three Terror birds sat still on their haunches in what appeared to be sleep, but this was no ordinary sleep. Light sleepers all, in this heathen world of primeval, they had never awoken during the screams of Nadie, as her ravaging continued.
As the other Ranixcalun sat, staring into the mist, an image formed, slowly getting closer as it headed toward him. The giant warrior picked up his spear and stood to challenge the intruder.
A beautiful girl, wearing only a coy smile, shimmered in the mist as the she daintily walked toward the warrior. Awakened by her aunt's screaming, Bonnie watched as the young girl advanced. Nape hairs prickled on the back of her neck and a chill swept over Bonnie, leaving gooseflesh in its wake as she innately sensed evil come to call.
The warrior smiled and lowered his spear as the beautiful girl approached. Her flawless beauty left him speechless and entranced. He permitted her to remove his loincloth and fondle his manhood with her small hands. She hungrily took his erection into her mouth. He moaned with delight. Her enthusiastic manipulations brought him to a climax he had never known.
As the young Ranixcalun howled in his ecstasy his euphoric bliss heightened, unaware of the vampiric letch come to feed on its unwary prey. The warrior began to writhe in enchantment, pushing his hips toward her in rhythmic reverie. He screamed, laughed, and gasped with pleasure. The muscles of his arms and neck bulged straining in orgasmic excitement.
His hair began to grey and his muscles began to wither. Even though the image of the young girl dissipated into the creature's true form, the mummified remains of Aramus, the warrior still held the creature's head with both hands. He never attempted to liberate himself from mummified hands squeezing each testicle tightly or the corpse's mouth sucking the last drops of his life force.
Tears of joy ran down the warrior’s wrinkled face and he uttered soft moans as the beast continued to feed. The mummified body of the vampiric letch began to revitalize as the warrior withered. The transformation nearly complete, the youthful Aramus continued to feed upon an ancient man with leathery skin pulled tight upon a rack of bones.
No longer able to stand, the warrior collapsed. Undeterred, the beast continued to feed. The warrior lay dead. Gnarled hands frozen in a grasp of nothingness. The neck tilted so far back the hideous face stared directly at Bonnie with sunken eyes. The mouth gaped wide revealing shriveled lips and receded gums absent teeth shaken free by the fall. Bonnie thought the warrior looked like a mummy she had once seen in a museum.
Bonnie screamed an ear-piercing scream, bringing the other, Nayaase, off Nadie. Seeing the Vampiric Letch and the evil it has wrought on his underling, Nayaase ran to his mount grabbing his axe from its saddle and kicking him into wakefulness. “Get up, you lazy beast,” Nayaase roared, at the terror bird, the same bird Bonnie’s tied hands were leashed to.
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