Downward..... Lemur!

My avatar... well, I am in search of "me".  I have tried yoga, and as good as it is for the body... it sucks for my soul.  When I saw this.... thing... doing yoga, I immediately thought of my failed attempts of cleansing my soul through yoga.  I imagine that this is what I look like when attempting to meditate or hold a pose.





wikkedirish wikkedirish
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7 Responses Sep 3, 2008

Thank you very much. WHen I saw this picture I was like "AHA! That is my avatar!"

Yes. This pose could be interpretted in many a way.

Thank you!

Your avatar story is funny, I like it!

hahaha!The avatar looks so funny!!!hehehe!!

LOL! I love this little guy.

hahaha!The avatar looks so funny!!!hehehe!!