The New Girl!

Yep, for the longest, my avatar was one of the gothic Jester, enjoying her cup of coffee. Heehee... it was me in the basics of my spirit. But, then I got bored today and got tired of seeing it... as it was my avie for many months now. =p

So, the new avatar, she's me too. A gothic girl in cosplay! And a little bit naughty in her outfit. Whoo-hoo! That's me also. ;-)

Well... I'll probably keep that one for the next 6-months. And sorry in advance to all who is confused by the sudden change! XD

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5 Responses Mar 24, 2009

At least its not Miki Falls.

We'd like to know the name of this manga :shh:

It just seems so you.

Story behind mine?<br />
<br />
Simple. It's my favorite picture of me & my baby. She passed a year ago on April 5, 08 and is very much missed.<br />
<br />
But lives on in the memorial tattoo I had done with her ashes on my leg (pic in album). And the 3 websites she gave birth to.<br />
<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Love you & miss you Amelia. See you soon at Rainbow Bridge....Keep watch!

I like the new avatar! =D