When U Lie to Me

When you lie to me you take my chooses away from

there for minulapation me . its how i handle the truth

and when u lie u decive me

therefor i cant trust you . and when u lie i can take little lies

but when u lie to me to proctect some one that molested your daughter

putting my daughter as risk you take my rights away to protect my daughter

and iam not sure i will ever trust u ever i dont want a realtionship

with you becalse that big lie you gave the molester so many

excuses why he did what he did and beclase it was only o ral molestion

that excuse didnt make it right and i feel u condoned what he did becalse

the way you treated youdaughter by not doing more

for her no wonder shes so messed up as a 47 year old woman.

by covering up what he did you choose not to protect your little girl.

so for now all we will ever have is a arms lenth relationship

and nothing more . becalse i dont know how to trust you . becalse your passed

shows how you failed to handle a secituration that should have

been handled every diffrently. iam i wong? i dont think so .

and you continue not to even tell ur daughter ur sorry that you werent

there for her and that dammages a young girl not to trust , i know this

becalse my mother did the same thing to me she didnt handle it at all

she just went crazy ive forgiven her and you but i choose not to have a realatioship with

her.I belive if more people took a stand for children that are molstedd and put the perps in jail
maybe children would be a little safer . but when women that know of a molester in the family
 dont speak up and belive the child maybe some of this toxic circle would slow down .
 children of abuse dont feel protected they dont feel safe . people dont want to deal with
a quezie subject as childhood abuse so they pretend it doesnt happen in thier family
and all the syngs are there no one dares to speak up for the children . the children
grow up with a broken spirit . they turn to drinking or drugs to heal thier pain .
not all abused children turn to drugs and drinking but some do .

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

well said ! thank you both naphtal and why for your kind words.<br />
the woman i spoke of is my mother in law for lying to me about her husband.<br />
i am kind to her but she knows i dont trust her word for lying to me about her husband<br />
then when i confronted her and her husband she down played it like it was nothing. I cant respect her for doing that protection him her husband a molester . I can forgive someone for lying but some thngs as a mother to mother you never lie to me about or try to give excuessess to the molster ,or even try to justify his deeds and they both knew what he did was wrong. god gave them a brain to know right from wrong. my mother in law thought becalse her husband made so much more money it was ok what he did he kepted my mother in law in a big house and that ment more than putting him in jail . i confronted him my ex father in law (he died 4 years ago) his reply to me was do you belive her or me. i asked him again did you do it to her did you touch your daughter ?he wouldnt answer me . i told him if he ever or anyone ever touch my little girl they would meet my SMITH & wession . then he told me you would go to jail. I looked him right in the eye and i told him my mother never protected me but i will protect my daughter at all cost and if i have to go to jail so be it. but alteast there will be one less child molsted . he didnt like me after that . i told him any one touching my child it would be the last child he would ever touch . i saw fear in his eyes then he said you really mean that dont you? i told him dont ever try me i dont play when it comes to my child. that was all we ever spoke about that subject . i told him theres no excuess for a father to ever have se x with his children i wouldnt put up with it or keep the secrets like my family did . thats why so many keep the cycle of childhood se xual abuse alive .is it any wonder why so many young people are doing drugs beclase they want to eccape the memorise of thier childhood abuse . i dont use drugs but i belive in watching out for the young ones . ive had to enterveen for a child in my family when one one would help them they know auntie karla will help if your in need. i stand up for those that cant speak

Lies hurt esspecially if it is done to protect a monster.

Whatever thong this guy did, It already signals that it wasn't a fair thing..to molest obviously isn't anything pleasant in all it's forms!!...It's so sad that, a parent can mistreat a young one more sad..their own...may the Lord God Almighty touch them and change them because only He(God) can deal well with such..