We Need Your Help

I want the EP teens to stay. They will get on any way. They already lie about their age for a couple of reasons. Because I am a youth pastor in real life I enjoy helping them; but we need to keep them safe. Let me say that most are doing this if you have an adult profile mark it as a mature content if is has questionable photos of any kind.

If you have adult pictures or other adult content please do not add anyone that admits they are a teenager. Some do not put their true age on their profile. This is because some feel they will be targeted because of their age. This is so terrible. To think that a child has to be concerned that an adult is going to be stalking them or not.

If you go to a site; and there are adult pictures on their profile please feel free to flag that profile. All pictures even in your friends list should be set to friends only or public and they must be set to mature content if it contains that kind of content.

We want everyone to have a good time sharing your experiences; we want you to be careful and especially watch out for our younger EP members. 

Please report anyone that is abusive and may be a threat especially to our children. Teens do not like to think of themselves as children. But as a parent and pastor they are still children that need to be protected.

Mandyz Youth Pastor
An EP Volunteer 
MandyzYouthPastor MandyzYouthPastor
46-50, M
May 22, 2012