Parent Alieniation And Hostile Parenting Can Change A Child Forever! Please Dont Do It!

(borrowed this while posting something else about this subject in a forum I host, and was asked to pass it on, WELL WORTH passing , please do the same!

ATTENTION ATTORNEYS!! (Are you aware of PAS and HAS ?)

Please get informed!! It is so very very vital!

Gina Long,
Mother of 4
Good Listener,
Good Mother
Good Wife
Pretty great person other than Im a victim / slave to my EX husband. We did all the right things, took all the right steps
But because of his controlling personality , he managed to turn all of my precious children against me. HOSTILE< HATEFUL , they turned into their dad
from being the perfect loving dotin children. I am an adult mother, also a well informed attorney who has practiced in both Canada & the USA. My children were alieniated from me by my hateful ex, even though we had an established custody document! Millions of other mothers (fathers too) are going through this same ordeal. Mothers do not put their children on earth to not be a part of their lives!!

Please help others as my kids are all adult and if I can save one child , one mother, one family, by letting people be aware of this growing problem, we need to take action and put them in jail for contempt and every other law they break until they know we mean it!! Stop being passive, be AGGRESSIVE! They sure are! Its our KIDS !!!
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I agree, and I'm currently working on a bill with my congressman to change the court view of this. Far too many people over system who are uninformed.

I am too! It so unfair! For all those Mothers who had a great Mothers Day, I want you to put yourself , sitting on Mothers Day without a trace of your children . Without a thought of why they arent calling, getting you gifts or why they are with a dad who dont even take care of them instead of with their mom? Who loves and sacrifices everything for them?

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect