A Confused World

this story was given to me from the ancestors

every thing in creation is made out of vibrations that are mixed together to form creation....

like a song which is made up of many different frequencies and notes played by the musicians.

creation is also made up of many different vibrations woven together like a song....

the trees - water - plants - mineral and animal kingdoms were held together by the weaving of the tones of creation.

humanities role is to move the energy necessary to weave the vibrations together much like a conductor, to form creation based upon earths dream..

in the dreamtime the ancestors sang creation into manifestation, they sang the mountains valleys and hills they sang the rivers lakes and oceans

all kingdoms participated each having a unique roll...song and voice in the dance of creation

it was then humanities reponsibility to repair and manage the energetic movememnts of the tones..... moving through creation keeping everything in balance unity and harmony..... each kingdom supports each other in the dance through a connection

eg.. the plant inkgdom provides oxygen that supprrts the existence of the humans... and humans provide carbon dioxide to the plant kingdom...

all of creaton existed in a state where there ws no separation of physical, energetic and nonphysical...everything was in balance... everything was whole this state of being is often referred to in many different beliefs such as paradise heaven or navana

such an existence is within the genetic memory of all humans...

in ancient times earths dream was manifested into creation.......

the mineral and crystal kingdoms were bound together by the elements...fire-water-air and ether....and life began

earths dream is based upon her desire for evolution, growth and understanding of her spiritual connection to man...

humans were the dream-keepers and dream weavers

the dream keepers were the visionaries they relayed the earths dreams to the weavers and the weavers kept the web of life connected...

the mineral kingdom is able to move large amounts of energy and when focused with human intent provides the tones and energy necessery for regeneration and support of the whole....

at the same time humans can also move energy and tones that can and have caused great harm and destruction...

he belived himself to be greater than earths dreaming...he envisioned his own dream ...ignored and neglected earths dream....

man has fractured earths dream weaving...separated the physical from the non-physical....he has shattered manifestation-creation........instead of unity and evolution....separation- and destruction has been the result.....

our web is now fragmented and our journey is now one of pain-fear-anger and humanity is lost and alone in a world of our making

mother earth lost control of her dreams as humans have pushed her to the brink....

but as all cycles go ...her darkest days are over as she awakens to regain control of her dream....she refuses to be destroyed or sacrificed...she has begun her healing

an uprising of human conscience and spiritual connection to the earth has emerged

to understand and overcome darkness and destruction ...one must experience it

as one understands and overcomes darkness and destruction then they can never be destroyed

do not feel guilty or blame yourselves for feeling fragmented and disconnected.... you were born into a fractured world


jinda jinda
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

If the earth cares so much for us why has it slaughtered billions through tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, heat waves, disease and cyclones?

I love this story jinda, thank you for sharing it here :)

sorry i take so long to reply but i dont get on the computer very often<br />
you are not mutant but have been kept in a darkness thats all...they keep the truth from us so they can do what ever they want to our precious land

WOW! I Love it, Your words are powerful, I know and believe you have made a connection with the live searching energies The Supreme Intelligent Force of the Universe.<br />
<br />
I have also made a connection and its been amazing and powerful with what comes to me, I have now written a book sharing new information that I want the world to know.<br />
<br />
I would love for you to read it, and share your thoughts. If you are interested you can go to my web page I created www.amindthought.com you can read and see the front and back cover, If you are interested email me so that I can send you an attchment of the book.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing with us what comes to you.