Everything Comes From Something.

Everything comes from something.

I was in my swimming pool this weekend cleaning the leaves from the bottom floor, using a hand held skimmer. I have a neighbor’s tree whose leaves started falling at a slow pace since June. After a windy storm blows through there are too many leaves for the automatic skimmer to collect.

(There have been many windy days here in the Chicago area this summer)

Skimming the bottom of my swimming pool with my hand held skimmer pole (great exercise for a 50 year young or old body) as I was retrieving some of the leaves that have been decaying for a while, my thoughts hit me in a magical way. It was then at that moment I realized the leaves that were decaying, were feeding the algae, the source it has adapted from through the Evolution changes to grow and become strong. Next I thought about the seedlings that also fell from the tree, the one’s that have missed the swimming pool and landed on some soil, the seedlings that are welcomed by the area, and let the seed spread it’s roots to become strong. Next I thought about the Evolution changes that never stop and asked the question to myself, what honestly is it that makes the strong survive?

The strong have been able to out maneuver, out think, move around, or over any obstacle in its way. THINK, that’s it! That is the magical moment that came into my mind. THINK, MIND, ADAPT, KNOWLEDGE

The MIND, the Gift we are all born with, but never have been able to discover it! The amazing reality is we as human beings are creature of change, We Are able to ADAPT.

KNOWLEDGE is Power; building upon your knowledge is Super Power. The Greatest Natural Gift we are all born with. Knowledge builds the mind, shared knowledge helps others. This is the key to survival.

The past, is experienced knowledge that has put us into the present, when the past and present knowledge is shared with others, a better future for all is created.

Knowledge is what feeds the mind to make it strong, the mind saw the way to survival and developed communication. Through thousands of years as the elderly passed, the thoughts and knowledge within the mind were sent up into the universe searching for a welcomed area to enter.

The knowledge that was taken up into the universe has found its way to connect with certain individuals; each individual is given a path to discover a certain piece of the puzzle. The silent communication sent to me from the universe has guided me through, over, and around all the obstacles through my life. Some how, some way things always work out, even when I drifted off the path I was never worried, because what I gained was knowledge that I could use, and teach, so that others will not follow and make the same mistakes.

The gift that was given to me is the power of strength within my own mind, the ability to heal myself from the inside out. With being a sheet metal worker I have had several cuts on my hands that many would have gone to get stitches. I have just blocked out the pain, wrapped duct tape around the wound and continue working the rest of the day (never would I let the word infection enter my mind) I put into my mind the thoughts of “when I get home the cut will be healed” Behold! That is exactly what was achieved. My body’s parts cleans it self and heals it self simply with my thoughts.

As I search for answers to my thoughts and visions, I found this belief first began hundreds of years ago. The Greek word psyche, meaning “mind or spirit” is the mental exchange with another person’s brain or with the physical world. The energies can penetrate locked doors and steel walls and travel long distances with no diminishing effects. Some researchers believe that this energy is a force within all humankind, just waiting to be tapped.

There have been reports of miraculous events that are as old as the legends, myths, and scriptures of the world’s most ancient cultures. The mind has been on a continuous journey, searching for better ways to communicate, it is now at our finger tips, and the mind can share its knowledge with the world.


· Remembering what you hear from the Supreme Intelligent Universal Voice of Wisdom in that you choose to make a connection with.

All the help you need in your searching to a better way will come to those who are thinking in ways to bring the good will to mankind. It is then you begin to feel inside and know that your energies of the mind will live forever into the Universal space of eternity.


What a World it will be:
· When, the whole world knows the Honest Truth of the Potential we all have deep down within each and every one of us.

· When the whole world knows the Power of the mind.

· When new information is learned today, and taught tomorrow.

· When every adult teaches every child the natural gift of Mind Power, Power Thinking, and Creative Thinking, Honesty, and Helping Others.

· When the words I can’t are never taught, thought, or heard of again.

· When the worried thoughts of what if…? Never enter the mind again.

· The children of tomorrow’s future, starts with our thoughts today.

What a world it will be when we are all united together building a better civilization here on earth.

2012 will bring Great Change, Honesty will always prevail! 

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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Hi Suzzy, I have just read your blog, and commented on it, You state here that you find it hard to put into words, this maybe our only disagreement, I love the words you write, they are heart-felt coming from inside you, and the perfect order in which they are written is helping all the broken hearted people who read them, and I thank you for that.<br />
<br />
<br />
Hi Jinda, I can see that you have discovered the power of strength within you, carry this amazing power with you at all times, in every thought, and you will discover all the opportunites life has to offer. You will become a true survivor and nothing or nobody can stop you. Believe, Think, Connect, and you will always know how.<br />
My best wishes are connecting with you in thought.

you are so right and thanks for taking the time to share your story.....the mind is very powerful......<br />
when i was young i watched all my older siblings have their tonsils out...when it was my turn i fought all the way until they knocked me out......when i woke up i refused to acknowledge that i had them out..i ate stuff i wasnt supposed to ...i didnt have a sore throat or nothing ....dad said to me see that wasnt so bad gettin your tonsils out ..i said no i didnt ....in my mind i still had my tonsils so i had no soreness or bleeding.....

Hi guy, Yes the power of the mind is a great thing. I find it hard to put it into words that can really help people understand. I figure one has to think out of the box and experience this power first hand to really believe in it. And it seems to me that you have experienced the fruit of this power.<br />
<br />
Check out my blog, "The Seed of God" and I think you will realize we are on the same page. I'm having a great time looking into your mind.