So Much.

It would be so comforting to know that my mom and dad are in an afterlife but there is no evidence of one existing. :(

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4 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Thank you, metaphylosopher. I hope there is an afterlife; it's a comforting thought.

There is a God, and there is hell. We were born into hell, since Adam and Eve, so we work to be good. If you want to be bad, that is easy, then there is a hell every day of your life. Now it is your choice.

If there is no God, is there the Devil? I just can't go on faith because people say "believe."

This is where faith is needed. I am sure you do not want them in hell. By the way, right now we are all in hell. Now you have to work youself out of it, by the good deed, and love you present. Personally, I belive in god and angels. I talk to god all the time and thank him for understanding me.