Unconditional Love

No one ever said this being human would be easy; every one of us faces challenges, adversities and dysfunctions of one form or another every day of our lives. Sometimes these things we face can be completely overwhelming and deprive us of any sense of inner peace. It's LIFE, and we can like it, or not...
Sometimes it takes a huge tragedy to snap us out of the stupor of disenchantment many of us all too often find ourselves walking around in. The events eleven years ago on September 11 stand as a time when many folks took a step back and re-evaluated the purpose and meaning of their lives. Collectively this bold act of self-reflection has given rise to an entire multitude of things that affirm the goodness of our innate human nature; in this monumental act of cruelty and ignorance the seeds were planted that define our future as human beings sharing the gift of life aboard this tiny blue pearl spinning in the vastness of space. The news media would have us believe we are still elbowing and scrambling towards the top of the heap, and that there's a long and ever-growing list of enemies out there that want to conquer us. Somehow I managed to extricate myself from that belief system, and I know I'm a helluva lot better off for it. The enemies that should most concern us are our own ignorance, our greed, our hatred. EVERY person has within them the unquenchable thirst for the same thing: peace, love, and acceptance. This thirst can't be satisfied if we continue to allow ourselves to entertain the divisiveness that mainstream media is always shoveling down our throats 24/7/365. We are ALL to varying degrees pained, tired, broken, and seeking relief.
So what's the solution? First thing we need to do is MAKE TIME to find the stillness that lay within, and re-acquaint ourselves with an inner knowing that no one is here alone, no one is here by accident, no one is out to get us, that we all have pain and sorrow in our lives. We need to stop entertaining fear to the degree that we do, listen to the simple and stark miraculousness of our own beating hearts, and look into the eyes of strangers and see the reflection of ourselves. There's no one 'out there'. Everything in our experience is in some way a reflection of something that resides within ourselves, yet these things aren't meant to defeat us; they are meant to make us stronger, more resilient, more keenly aware that what we focus on is what we create within our reality. Let us choose wisely.
Unconditional love is what we all hunger for. We all want to be accepted for who we are hook, line and sinker -from our innate talents- to our deepest darkest secrets. To truly KNOW LOVE we need to first be able to unconditionally love ourselves. It take practice, for sure, but little by little as more of us nurture self-compassion and unconditional love we begin to develop it for others. All of us were touched by what happened on September 11. The atrocities of that day broke open the collective heart of humanity. That day will forever be remembered. Finger pointing doesn't serve our higher purpose; it thwarts our ability to move forward in a spiritually authentic way. When our hearts broke that day it made space for us to grow into who we REALLY are: spiritual beings having a human experience, sharing a ride on an infinitely beautiful planet. Somehow along the way we forgot that. I know in my heart of hearts that the greatest gift we are given is our ability to love, ourselves and one another, to work together to actualize the infinite potential that we have. No more finger pointing, no more blame. Just the ability to embrace LIFE completely and know true joy for the first time in the evolution of human history.
I'm ready. Are you?
VTMarkus VTMarkus
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

There is only one you, and only one me, and both are Self. One Self divided into the many. As for love? Rumi says it best when he says, "Love is in the Lover."
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti