Come One Come All ...and Get Down With Your Bad Selves!



softkitti softkitti
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of course there is amour ...get down tonight ... get down tonight alittle dance ,... make a little love .. get down tonight ... get down tonight ...* does funky chicken in sparkly pink catsuit * darling I dont want to rock the boat ...but umm your bird is dead ... Im just saying *hands amour a martini ..and does the bump *

Wow what a party!! :D any dance floor space left for me? XD

OMG ...naughty Dem .. I had to bring up the song on yout tube !! I love that song !!!!!<br />
<br />
* gets up and wiggles booty to the song * woohooo ...puts disco ball on to spin and flash on Dem go girl!!

yayyaya * grabs dem hands her karoke mic * go for it girl ...*sits down ..sips martini and waits for Dem* what will you sing darlng ... ohhh I cant wait *wiggles in seat excitedly ..lokking at dem in her sexy bell bottoms*

yayayay .. I am so happy Dem ..come ...get your sparkly bell bottoms on edie and dem too yes?<br />
<br />
Any body can be that guuyy ... Night is young and the musics hiiigggghhh ...<br />
<br />
*does the hustle on bar ...moving carefully with my platform shoes * ...look I have gold fish in the heel<br />
I am pimping it girls ....wooohooo

*does the bump*

*takes out tambourine and smacks booty with it* =D

what the heck?! abba it is!!! *sylph joins kitti on the bar and dances with dancing queen tune* don't forget to extend one arm to the front pointing at them while one hand sits on waist and just keep bopping...*points north, south , east, west* LOL...this is too much fun, Kitti!

*kitti jumps up on bar with sparkly catsuit and boots starts abba tribute* ...ohhh see that girl watch that scene ..dig it the dancing queen...come on girls *looks at sylph and star* ....

LOL!!!! *does her best disco moves* Did disco ever leave..... hey I look great in bellbottoms! XD

and are you singing Dancing queen? *looks at you laughing*

Sure Sweetie....*holds you closer and swings her around* i gotta say this though...*looking up at the disco ball* is disco back?!! *in horror*

we want to rock and roll all night ... and everyday ..... *giggles ... starts dancing wildly * good lord scribbles Im sorry the Star made me do it *giggles*=-D

Thanks Kitti darling! *downs yummi margarita and swings hair around wildly to the music* That disco ball is mesmerizing! =D

Ohh Sylph, dalring you are welcome stick around .. there are kaluha for later<br />
<br />
ohh Scribs you are such a great dancer ... now dip me darling . get this kitti dancing *winks at scribs* ....

Oooohhh....thanks for the Mararita, look absolutely delicious tonight...*passes the hip bump to everybody*

*dances along with kitti..spinning her around and holding her in my arms*

yayyaya Star * hands her a blue Margarita and sparkly tiara* ....come boogey down !!=-)

Woohoo!!!! I'm ready to dance! =D<br />
<br />
*dishes out hugs, pinches and spanks while boogying on the dance floor*

ohh Sylph .... yes I am so happy you are here ..... hands Sylph a Mango Magarita... you looks so beautiful today dalring ...*hip bumps with her * <br />
<br />
Come on Vexonic...boogie down .... hands him a Pina Colada...=-)

*laughs out as i dance with her slowly to the music and spanks her on her booty laughing*

Count me in, Kitti...Whoo-hoo!!! We've got to dance DOWN.....and LOW...whoo-hoo!!! ;)

yayay I love to dance darling * puts head on shoulder and slow dances * ... no one is here though ... only us and wolfie ...we may have to make this a dance for three Scribs?

*walks into the party and sees kitti dressed up and ready for a Dance and goes to her and holds her by her waist*nice party sweetie...

ayyayayay finally someone came to my party ...I was a sad kitti .. *runs to wolfie gives him a Jd*