One in a Million

I want to be one in a Million lol

listenup listenup
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and bored lol

ME ME ME ME , I want to change my mood I am getting tired x( lol

hahaha , Yes please join me and lets eat loool

Oh , we have ... I didn't know that ... thanks Sweettart :)

hahahaha :) ........... why we don't have milk ??:/

Nooo , you have got more than enough :p

lol ... bring BACK my PANCAKES .lol

there must be one who eats all of the pancakes in the end , and that one is going to be ME .lol

really truly honestly .... NO I AM NOT ..LOL. :P

Umm , sorry to say there is no requests ... no body wants to work with us anymore :( ......... BUT I CAN WORK WITH YOU :D


lol I won't any fake cook anymore , it must be real , I am suffering here lool ..JK :)

hahaha , you made me hungry Sweettart2609 lol


you are welcome .. some sit next to me and let's listen to these amazing music and relax lol

Oh , you have really the best of Arabic music at your stereo .. I like it ;)

LOL * jrjh143* .... yes please that will help a lot lol :) <br />
<br />
sweet Sweettart2609* has finished and we all can eat as one happy family .. thanks dear Sweettart2609 ;)

always wait ;( *sits on some box* :p

lol me me ... it is my favorite time ... I really want to help you ..Emmmm , I can't stand this smell ...*Saliva *

yes we are almost about to reach the Million haha .lol <br />
<br />
thanks my friend oozy , GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO :)

We have come along way, haven't we? Good luck pal..

hahaha ..welcome to the million ;)

I joined this group just to eat a million EPs...

@ searchingmyself .. maybe I am lol <br />
<br />
@ Artsydesigns .. you are welcome and thanks dear for your joining :)

One in a Million! LOL you are still one in a billion :)

thanks @ Sweettart2609 .. I really appreciate that .... I feel so hungry when I work , lets 3 of us share the pancakes lol <br />
<br />
you made me feel really hungry :( ........ .lool.

thanks , the all workers are dancing in a very romantic way (O_O) ....HEY GET BACK TO YOUR WORK LOL. :)

lol so play them all , start with classical one because i like classical music lool

what songs / music can you play ? :)

lol thanks * WolfieStreetGangster* <br />
<br />
@ Sweettart2609.. please save some pancakes , so I can take them home with me later loooool <br />
<br />
@jrjh143 please play some music and I will move my happy little feet lol

gooooooooooooood , or I have to finish you .lol now everyone go to your jobs and try to find more worker ......... be happy , you are going to be rich :D ...hahahaha :)

lol , okay I will tell you a secret , come come get closer , *looks right and looks left* .. okay ! this group is not to reach a Million members , in fact we are looking for gold here but we don't want the big EP to know about it (:o .. okay I told you the secret , now keep it between us .lol.

@ Sweettart2609 , we are so lucky that we have found Sweettart2609 , so we won't starve , so I nominated her to be the head cookers(the boss ) :p <br />
<br />
@ jrjh143 , indeed you do :p

@ jrjh143 , yes , we want you to be always ready , and Oh yes when you feel bored you can help Amy with bringing the water and if you know about digging that will be great ... we seem like looking for gold lol <br />
<br />
@ Sweettart2609 , Mickey Mouse pancake ?? WOOOOOOW , it is my first time I hear about it ... can I taste it (:o

sorry Sweettart2609 , I couldn't hold back myself .lol.

okay we Hired you * jrjh143* .. you play the music for the workers so they can feel relaxed and reeling while they are working ... your role is very important lol

*runs and jumps on the table*... please please everybody back off , I will keep some for you lol

you are the best Sweettart2609 ... you came on time and I feel HUNGRY LOL

hiii *jrjh143* :) .. okay you have to pass the interview first :p<br />
what's your interest ? haha


@ Sweettart2609 , I can smell the pancakes hahaha<br />
<br />
@ WolfieStreetGangster , thanks ;) <br />
<br />
we need more workers lol

@ WolfieStreetGangster , I don't know if you have to do all of that because you are the boss here , but you are very nice with your workers lol so thank you and I will help you with that ;) <br />
<br />
@ amyMA , the Noisy Prince can't do it alone so you have to be with him ;p and don't worry Lena is going to help you with that , thanks Lena , I liked your story , I can imagine it :) <br />
<br />
and you @Sweettart2609* your job is the most important for me lol thanks for the accepting .

welcome Sweettart2609 lol <br />
<br />
your job will be the one who makes pancakes , sorry I love to eat pancakes while I am working lol <br />
<br />

no..i ll send Noisy Prince to bring u water :)

you both are in :) <br />
<br />
no no you will bring some water for us Amy , it will be your job :p

heh..heh i ll be sleeping while u both work so hard so the group wont collapse...

good job ;)

yes and I will bring some wood , I am sure we will need them in the future lol :)

mee too :) ... if it didn't , the group will collapse on our heads and then we will die hahaha

hahahaha yes lol