there will be a Trophy  for the first 250 members in this group and the person who is going to give this Trophy is ......ME ........... so what are you waiting for ... don't you want to be one of the  first 250 members who are going to get the Trophy  hahahaha

listenup listenup
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10 Responses Feb 22, 2010

you surely will get it , because I care about my life :P

no you will get the trophy ... all first 250 members will get the trophy .... and we still 135 :p


yes you do ;)

thank you very much , you are going to see more than that (:o hahaha :)


Yes you are going to be one of them Dory :p

wow!!! where is my trophy???

no that was similar to what I have in my phone lol

lol ... I always get messages like these from some companies on my Mobile ... some stupid messages lol