a Little Bit About the States....

The only way you could REALLY know what America is like, at this point, is by comparing it to what you know....London and the UK.  I've never been there.  BUT!  IF you love big cities, Manhattan (New York City) is AWESOME!!!  It's ENORMOUS, for one thing!  Before I made it to New York for the first time, I'd already visited Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago ( a few of the "big cities" in America.)  I'm fascinated by skylines and, when I first visited Chicago, I was stunned by how BIG it was.  But, Chicago's skyline doesn't even hold a candle to New York's!  IT's overwhelming as HELL and difficult to believe that they've fit all that STUFF on a little ISLAND!  But, the city is packed with history, too and, the first time I visited there was only 5 months after the 911 attacks.  There's millions of different kinds of people there....very easy to get lost in a crowd.  I took my daughter there last year in October (for a John Mayer concert on Broadway).  Her first entrance to the city came through the Times Square subway station.  We walked oh...about three or four blocks from the station when we came upon the MTV studio..where they shoot TRL.  Within an hour of being in the city, we got to meet Mario and Puff Daddy!  We met up with some other girls waiting outside of the TRL studio who lived in the city.  It was so exciting and strange to us that, for these girls, meeting and seeing celebrities is an everyday way of life for them! I mean, they were walking home from school when they stopped off to get Puff Daddy's autograph!  It's very exciting in that city.  BUt, it's also very CROWDED and very DIRTY! If you go there in the summertime, you'll probably smell garbage everywhere you walk.  And, it's EXPENSIVE as HELL!!!  It's senseless to have a car there because it's just so crowded.  So, you're stuck riding the subway (which really isn't that bad but, it's not like it drops you off at the doorstep of anywhere you're going so, you end up walking aLOT....WEAR COMFY SHOES!!...unless you have a million dollars to catch a cab everywhere you want to go.)  There really is no regular night-club-scene.  In order to get into any night club in the city, you have to be on some special guest-list and it usually costs close to $100 for one night of partying (and then, a million more dollars for drinks inside).  However, you don't nec. have to be anyone special to get on a guest list.  I got on one through the internet and they still call me from time to time (the club) to invite me to various nights of partying at their club.  I've never been, though. 

There's tons of art and entertainment in the city, though....you'd never be without something to do but you better go with tons of money.

As for the rest of America.....It's my home and I guess I love it but, I honestly don't think it's as "great" as the rest of the world likely thinks it is.  I guess you'll just have to find out for yourself.  California is beautiful but, in Los Angeles, it's also very crowded and expensive.  Northern California is where all the REdwood forests and stuff are so, if you wanna visit nature, it's beautiful there.  But, LA isn't that great of a "big city."

Hope you enjoy your visit!  I'd like to hear about it!
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Canada is nicer:)

Mystic should be a tour guide! I've lived in America all my life, and she taught me about the "City" life to which I've not been exposed to. This also makes me want to get my step-daughter the hell outta New York!!!