Chew Some Bagels and Speak Your Mind!

Come to America and eat bagels. I'm coming home soon...I miss bagel with butter or cream cheese - real chewy bagel. Anyway, America is one place where you can speak your mind, and if you got screwed up along the way, someone would actually stop you and say, what you're saying...or wait, whad'ya mean by that...instead of nodding along, or mmh..mmmhing along and passing judgement in their hearts...lots of nice polite people in polite countries do that. (not that Americans are not polite...extremely polite ;)) But everything's out in the open in America. God Bless America....and all of His lands in the whole wide world. Luv'em all! p/s: don't forget Central Park in Manhattan, my country-ish favorite: Amish Country...wouldn't mind living next to them when I settle down one day....
nourradiance nourradiance
36-40, F
May 19, 2007