I live in southern California, right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean... it is beautiful here. Ventura County is composed of a few small-ish cities, and it's about an hour north of Los Angeles. There is a lot of farmland here, and the beaches are wonderful! If you are interested at all in ocean life, you can visit tidepools to see and touch starfish, sea anenome, sea slugs, sea cucumbers, and all sorts of cool invertibrates... there is whale and dolphin watching all along the coast, and the Channel Islands are just a short boat trip away. So many great opportunities for photography, if you are interested... gorgeous sunsets too. Great hiking trails up in Santa Barbara and Mugu.

If you go down to Los Angeles, there are wonderful museums, an imax theater (they play movies on screens that are several stories tall, it's really cool), shopping EVERYWHERE, and unique places to go and see. It's best to get a guidebook if you decide to come to LA, because there is SO MUCH to do.

California is an incredible state... for whatever you're interested in doing, you can do it here.
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For a long time, i've been obsessed with the idea of going "west" ( california) so, Someday I will!!:)