Wife Can't Get Enough ***

A good friend of ours from our home town has been ******* my wife ever since we were in high school. She has never stopped being his *****. Just recently she became another good friends *****. Both of these guys are also good friends. We all live in different town but reunite every so often. We are planning a gang bang for my wife. Last night we asked her where she wanted each of us. Friend 1 has always been her favorite ****. He has the biggest **** and gucks her the hardest. Friend 2 equally satisfys her and she likes the taste of him the best. I have the smallest **** and satisfy her the least. She told us friend 1 gets her ****, friend 2 gets her mouth, and I get her ***. Friend 1 has also had a vacectomy so he can *** in her ****. I can't wait.
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3 Responses Apr 5, 2010

would be fun to see a woman get ****** in the ***, ***** and mouth. at the same time

very nice! I would have to agree with bigforarse

very hot story got me hard, just a pity that freind 1 ******* in her **** has had a vasectomy it would be much better if they were both fertile!