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To Be Able To Live My Dreams

Three million dolors would be just enough. Why? because I'd be able to live my dream of being a painter. With kids to look after and being a single parent, the children's needs take priority. The money will allow me to make great investments to cover living expenses, buy us a house and pay off my bills...and have enough to live on in interest!!!! Painting here I come!!

CelticCrystal CelticCrystal 36-40 3 Responses Mar 23, 2010

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I am a writer. I am in the same boat. Had success with one book but the deal was so bad as a first time author the publishers got all the cash. Full time work and single-parenthood make it really hard to find the time to write. But I press on and maybe one day a miracle will happen. Wishing you all the best too....

3 million dollars on its way, that is, if i still have any pull with the man upstairs... (on phone, angrily) whaddya mean i got cut off!? too many prayers!? now wait just one darn minute here you ...<br />
(laughing)<br />
<br />
i really hope you can live your dreams, good luck. i am a painter too, and the hard part is that thing, what do they call it, oh, money. nobody pays for paintings until the artists are dead. it is a tough business.

If you get more then 3 million, would you send me the rest.<br />
Thanks and love from Pam.