I Quit Cold Turkey Five Years Ago

I smoked for 20 years, and my husband and I quit together and i think that was key.  I absolutely could not have done it, if he had continued.  We quit because we were teaching childrens church at the time, and one of our church kids saw me smoking at a ballgame one night, and it made me feel bad.  I had wanted to quit for a long time, as I had started having heart problems for a couple of years before quitting.  So there was a lot of prayer, and a lot of people praying for us.  And then there was a nice girl at Nature's Source that gave helpful advice.  Most of which was to eat lots of pepper products, because it detoxify's your system, its good for cravings.  So we ate lots of Louisiana hot sauce on everything.  For about a year after we quit.  Then didn't need it anymore.  Also- if you can make it through the first 72 hours, you have a great shot.  Thats how long it takes for the nicotine to detox out of your system.  Feel free to message me if I can answer anything, i would love to help someone else quit smoking.
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I connected with the topic switch from smoking to drinking because of the way I quit smoking about 45 years ago at the age of 32. I'm not addicted to alcohol but I was addicted to cigarettes. I would cut back to a pack a day and then build up again. I could quit for a while but then when I got to a smoke filled room I would take one cigarette and I was smoking again. Finally I decided that I had to quit the way an alcoholic quits drinking. Never touch it again. I gave my last pack to my wife and told her to give me one if I really needed it. I got one from her that way and then I said she could throw it away. I haven't had a cigarette since. It helped that I was feeling good at the time because I had just made a life affirming decision about my job.<br />
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To the person who isn't addicted to alcohol but gets sick for a week after getting shitfaced - to every such person - don't get shitfaced. Research says your prospects for health and long life are best when you have two drinks a day (one a day for women). I make moderate alcohol consumption a part of my life. I like the taste. I like beer, wine, whiskey (American), whisky (Scotch), rum, gin, brandy, you name it, they're all different. I even like non-alcoholic beer because it tastes like beer, and I drink it sometimes to stay within my limit of two a day. So if you want to drink with a buddy, abstain before and after and limit your intake to two - maybe three drinks if you think this is a special occasion. Remember, you're not addicted.

Ya I am so hungover that I can't even smoke today. But I have no intention on quitting. I don't know why I am commenting but yet I am still typing. whatever. I feel ill. I know that I am never ever drinking ever again and I mean it. I seriously will probably never for the rest of my days even take a sip of anything with alcohol in it. I mean the pure hell I go through the next 3-7 days after I get shitfaced is just not worth the few hours of fun, well not so much fun but I guess it was an alright time. Not worth it at all. You know I quit drinking about 3 years ago cold turkey. Not that I was ever addicted to it so I guess I theoretically didn't "quit" -- more like "stopped". And I probably shouldn't have used the phrase "cold turkey" because that's really reserved for the people that actually quit an addictive behavior. But back to my story: I stopped drinking about 3 years ago and have drank maybe 5 times total since then, last night being the 5th time. And every time I'm all sick and suicidal the next week and it just makes no sense that I choose to participate in the consumption of Captain Morgan's with my best friend. But it was the 4th of July, everyone else was all trashed and **** so I guess I figured "hey, why not" but OH MY GOD I really should have not done that. I feel like ****.

Well - I am here. I am about 1 hour into not smoking. Pray for me.