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I Need Help

I'm 27 and have been smoking since 18.  Ive always told myself that I would quit when I turned 25, but that came and left 2 yrs ago.  I just recently graduated in May in Corrections and I'm going to the corrections academy soon.  I don't want to be the fat one out of breath because I smoke.  I recently went on a diet because of some health issues that I'm too young to have.  Ive been doing good on this diet, now if only I can do good at quit smoking.  I jumped in and went cold turkey, but that lasted 24 hours.  What can I do to help fight the urges, that is cheap and easy and that wont make me gain weight? 

mylilmaxx03 mylilmaxx03 26-30, F 2 Responses Oct 27, 2009

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Cold turkey. Just grit your teeth and bear it. Get through the first 3 weeks to a month and I promise you won't look back. Quitting is a *****, but the easiest way is cold turkey because nicotine replacement products draw out withdrawals so much longer than cold turkey. And you're still getting nicotine, which is toxic. Don't vape, it's not safe and only drags on the addiction. Just do it! You can! You have all the power you need. It's tough at first but it doesn't last forever. And cold turkey is free... Nicotine replacement products and medications and e cigs are expensive.

I do not know if this works all that well, my ma in law used to hold on to a cigarette. if she was watching tv, or reading...that way she felt like she was not going without. She "had" a smoke, she would never light... Eventually she would either lose them or break them, but it worked for her...