I've Been With A Few Chubbies, But Sadly...

I've had a few chubby female friends in my time, sadly they either didn't have the folds to grab and cuddle with (But they had the *** and breasts and hips to make up for it.) Or they were so self-conscious about their weight that they didn't take the same joy in it that I did. What's a feeder and fat lover to do?
Zurea Zurea
31-35, T
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

squeeze mine make them fatter


That would be a pleasure and absolutely amazing!

I agree!

I'm sorry you've had trouble finding someone. I have enough rolls for you to bury your hand in and grab and jiggle. I have rather large boobs a wide *** that shakes and wobbles like jelly and a massive belly that hangs to the bottom of my pubic area. It turns me on to know my body turns some men on the way it does.

You're hot!

You do sound amazing.