I'm a nice Florida girl that has always been interested in establishing this kind of relationship/friendship with someone. I'm not lactating so it would be more adult dry feeding. To me it's a beautiful thing to think of holding a man's head while he tenderly latches on my breasts, closes his eyes while I rub his head. It's beyond sexual, it's something that can connect 2 souls and create a special bond, a different kind of friendship. Hope to meet someone in the South Florida area interested in this. Have a great day everyone!
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ABF is a precious and beautiful experience between a man and a woman. Good luck in your search for some lucky guy to share special, intimate time with. Have a great day. JB

Add me please :)

Now, that sounds nice!!! Would you please add me...

Another Dominicana after my own heart ..and of course I don't learn of your existence until 6 years after I moved out of South Florida. Would you be willing to relocate?

This would be a beautiful thing

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Wet Nurse,
I'm a post-op transsexual since 2002. In 2011 my breasts grew from a B cup to a D cup. A friend was unable to lactate for her new born, so she asked me to induce lactation to be the baby's wet nurse. After 10 days of pumping and having the baby latch on to my nipple I started to produce milk. By 3 weeks I was making enough milk to feed the baby full-time. What a wonderful feeling! From my first let-down with milk and every time after when she latched on I would have a ******. My breasts would swell to a double D cup. When the baby went on solid food I continued to pump. The sensation and size of my breasts really turn me on. Would love feedback from other lactating transsexuals and she-males.

Nice to know it's even possible for transsexuals to lactate, guess you learn something new everyday. Do you still have milk? and have you been able to feed someone other than that baby?

It is a beautiful link that can only be understood through the experience.

Does "beyond sexual" mean that for you:
A) the intense bonding and interdependence in an ANR is better or preferentially experenced WITHOUT sexual activity becoming involved,
OR B) DOES IT MEAN THAT for YOU, an ANR DOES have a strong erotic, sexual component BUT THE BONDING and whole ANR experience has aspects and deep interpersonal effects waaaay beyond JUST the sexual aspect. ?...

I CAN understand that both ways make for wonderful lives…. I wonder what the percentages of each type actually exist. (Actually, I'd love to know how common or rare ANR are.!!!)

At this time in my life, I wish for B.

To suckle your breasts would be an honor, but alas the distance presently makes it more a perfect dream.

Looking for one around St. Augustine/Palm Coast area too. Good luck with your search!

That is such a beautiful bond. I would sooo love to have this type of relationship with a Lady. Good luck with your search.

Thank you. Good luck to you as well!

that is great!!! add me please we can talking about it :)

Im near jacksonville but im moving to panama where u from?


Do you have kik? Id rather talk privately

I don't