Well,just My Sherr Of Taught's........

Well i only wish to live as our ancestor's did in prehistoric time,without stupid tv,too much tech or anything.I'm pretty sure that one can survive with less"less is enough",by me.People today are just lazy wipering coward,who want everithing served on a silver plates,with no actual trouble.None of us wouldnt survive a week 25.000-30.000 years ago,i'm sure of that
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I never beklieve in luck,to begin with,as Master Obi -Van would say:"in my experience there is no luck...."(as you can see i'm Star Wars weirdo ;-D)

Good grief, I don't think many of us would last longer than a month.<br />
Besides the whole food-getting issue (and it never ceases to amaze me that people will guaranteed NOT consider plants as food! And there are hundreds and hundreds of plants that are perfectly eatable!), imagine breaking something. Imagine getting an infection. It's not live or die. You would be maimed by things cured within the hour in our day and age. <br />
No, I don't think we could live in the wild. Maybe some of us, with training, luck and a lot of common sense, could SURVIVE. But thrive? As in building a society, training animals, making tools... Let's face it, we modern homo homo sapiens don't stand a chance.<br />
Not even campers like me :)

Not ot mention that we actually might develope those basic skills of survival,like taming horses and other animals ,building hutts or other covers,finding food,making traps,etc.....