Would Love To Leave

Would love to leave and live in a tribe, I thought about it so many times and back in 2008 I was seriously considering it but being 13 I think it was a bit soon, however during the four years till now I had told my friends and they had tried to show me the bigger picture, talk me out of it. They sucseeded in stopping me from leaving but I still carry the desire to leave.

Whats making it really hard for me to leave now is my parents where encouraging me on to make something of myself so now I'm on a collage course doing things I enjoy but over three years I learned to fly, I can't just up and leave after doing that, thae found the money to put me through and I just go, I can't do that, maybe in another few years but it just feels really wrong :/

The other things stopping me are that I have to wear glasses, thats gonna be a ***** in the wild, the other is I don't wanna go alone, would love to find a girl who share this too, hopefully someone can give me some advice and ****, I have some gear ready its the getting it and makin it if need be, I got a bow, a cloak and some trabaly styled clothing

well thats all I got, hope to hear from someone :p
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calm down people :)
I am William, and for years I thought not to live in tribe....but to change the people somehow...
tear my heart to see the world we live in....but I found out that...we cannot! Impossible to change the world...as people don't have a clue of what's going on...or shall I say....maybe they don't even care!
But an idea of a tribe...the idea of building a culture with people that care...well..a vision! :)
Then I am in! By making a tribe attractive....by encouraging people do join up, for a more meaningful life! After all...is what matter the most I believe...

Yeah I agree with that, would love to live in an acctual tribe with others who share the same vision :)

If you are not sure you wont do it, you need to do this by your ideas, because this life selfishnessly talking is worse in terms of food resting and leisure, no videogames, no many human contact, no tasty food all day. To endure all of that you must have a reason to, no just to live better, because that is false.
If thats is you gear you dont have nothing, where will you storage watter and food, where will you sleep, how will you cook, how will you make campfire, how will you find food, how will you make shelter, how will you hunt (just with a bow waiting animals to stay in front of you) ( i also use a bow, but i use recalls, have knowledge of tracking, good hunting arrowheads and other things to be able to hunt). You dont have nothing and you want to do this, just because life for you here is great, so you dont have reason to leave it, stop dreaming and awake, because people can think you are serious are you are not.

I do have more that what I said but I am constattly thinking about things and in answer to your statments, storage and loation is an issue, yes I can cook on a fire, yes I can make fire, I can grow crops and hunt properly I'm not some dumbass kid who thinks its cool to live like that, you think I'll die out there then fine I never take anything seriously, I don't even take life seriously if I die then thats cool we're all gonna die eventualy all that matters is what you do inbetween that time.

Have fun dying... grow crops... XDDDDDD police at not-your land in 4, 3, 2, 1....
you can cook on fire OMFG extremely hard XDDDDD, the issue is you dont have nothing to cook till you hunt something with you stick and string or you make that super crops grow...

oooh wow, I still don't give a ****, and whats with all the X and D's ??

really man is simply you are talking about something you dont have any idea, if you are going to live in the wilderness 80% of the food wont come from crops or big hunting will come from wild edible herbs, fruits, insects little reptiles, fishes and trapping. Thats why you seem so ridiculous, is like wether an animal watch a movie where families live in a big house and eating all days the most exquisite food, and the animal thinks thats the lifeway of all humans, you have that problem too much movies and so few experience. Bowhunting is not so easy...

I apriciate what your saying but I know most of what to do, I can use a bow I know most types of edible plants here, but movies!? I've never really watched any movies that glorify the wild living

i mean movies such as lord of the rings in which you can see aragorn with a deer, as he allways have great pieces of food to eat. Avatar also with bowhunting great animals. And such a things, nature diet is nearer beargrylss show.
Is not a issue of shooting with bow is an issue to be the near enough to use that precision you can have with it, to know what bait you can use to atrack animals, which recalls to use, which animal of the pack are you going to shoot (if you have a little love for nature), and for that you need to identify tracks of each animal, footprints, faeces, there are animals with better senses than others who need to switch between stalking or ambush tactics.
Bow have also its kind adjustment, to obtain good arrow flights and performance, fistmell, arrowrest anchor, arrow caliber, point and arrowheads features.
And edible plant can be a double-edge weapon, you must be sure the plant you are eating is the correct you want and beside the ones of your zone you can recognize there are a lot of other places you might dont identify, you need photos (i use a mobile phone with minisolar charger) to identify them.
I have spent many hours getting informantion, and writing it in my plants, animal and fish info cards, we are humans, we need knowledge to survive, rather to live, beside you run faster than a deer

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