Settling A Tribe

I'm searching for elements to start a tribe in this planet.
Somehow, things haven't gone anywhere.
Why should we live in a place where we are not accepted by society?
The suffering I have gone through is strangely useful, taught me to grow, but the pain is different from average, and so is my type of growth. I developed great knowledge about human values and perspectives.
I see no point at my present life, the I am living is just destroying myself.
If you are interested in this project contact me.
I wish I could find some people that are willing to learn about themselves and realizing what their true needs are.
Thank You
Ruby Sapphire
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5 Responses Jun 8, 2013

That is my life goal, I'd go now if I could, I feel like modeen life is suffocating me

I am also interested. I just want a simple life. Not saying I can just get up and go. But at least plan something.

I'm definitely interested. What would your tribe be like?

I'm totally interested.

I like the idea of hunting and gathering than being in this society, and having a child on the way makes me want to just that much more. I don't like the school systems at all but I don't know what me or my fiancé can do except just deal with society instead of raise our baby as we see fit...

I actually haven't heard of them this is just something I recently got into