My Life As Of Now.

Things started to get really bad since last year. As far as I can remember my Dad has been telling me that his high blood pressure will get the best out of him since I was a kid.

Right now I am fifteen and my family is facing a serious financial crisis. My Dad had been working in his own partnership company. He brought up the firm and basically did everything to get it to where it is now. We used to live in the same apartment, just a floor above his office. I've seen my parents having sleepless nights for the first many years of this company due to employees stealing, financial problems, etc. The worst day was when a drunk employee tried to pour petrol all over the office and light it into ashes.

I live in the Middle East and over here, you need a local sponsor to start a business. Turns out he's a arrogant arse. There are no words to describe the cruelty of this man. He made my Dad go through so much throughout the ten years of building up this firm. Last year he destroyed everything, including my families life.

For the last few years the company had been doing great. Greed and power crept into this mans heart. He kicked out my Dad from this office that he had worked on from scratch. He did it for no reason. Right now he's been running the firm for a year. Today it has only one employee since all the others have resigned.

On the other hand my cousins husband was working here as well. He's a sick bastard. What he did was unforgivable, but thats a whole different story on the other hand.

Now let me explain something to give you guys an idea. Here in the Middle East justice doesn't exist. If you are fighting against a local, you lose. My story has happened to many people over here. It is a common problem.

So basically, right now we are bankrupt. We "owe" this sponsor a **** load of money for something we didn't do, we are in debt and my fathers health condition is getting worse. With everything we've been through for the last year, nothing matters except my father. He has hypertension and his kidney is getting worse. He doesn't sleep properly and as much as it kills him, it kills me.

Justice doesn't exist in the country that I live in. My father needs a release from this man and he can only get it by paying this sponsor a ton load of money. Its good as being stuck in this country. My Dad is 53 right now and its hard for him to get a job because of his age. We have no support from anywhere and the country we are from doesnt help with this situation.

Morever we are emotionally down. We have been decieved by our own family ( cousins husband including herself) and everything my dad built in the past ten years is gone. I can't imagine the stress and pain he has to go through. Apart from our financial problem, he has three children to raise.

The only income we get is from my brother who is 19 and works as a trainee accountant, but that still isn't enough. We have to pay the rent, loans, school fees,etc. It's hard.

This sponsor I am talking about it FAR worse than I have described him over here. This is only a fraction of what is going on.

I know that people go through things a lot worse than this, but what I am trying to say is that now what my father has been telling me almost everyday growing up is becoming true. His pressure and stress are getting into his blood stream and his age is a liability. I dont care about everything as of now, but I am sure as hell going to lose it if my dad goes. I've seem how people die through heart attacks. Few months ago my family friend had almost died. They had the money to do the operations, we don't.

Im scared as hell. I feel useless because I can just be a spectator to all of this. I can't help in anything. Maybe someone will see this, I don't know, but it feels good to let this out.

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Jan 11, 2013