Loose Definition...

Greatnes eh? Well, I'd like to think I have done some great things in my time...okay...maybe not. However, greatness is subjective as are most things in life.

I have made money, and lost it. I have made love, and reflected on it. People have validated and dismissed me. Some have loved me and others have feared me. No respect or all of it. See? That is greatness. In my life, I have never been so empowered, and felt more like a man, felt unstoppable, as I have when I have a great woman standing next to me.

Money comes and goes. Friends remain as they are. Family warrants a punch in the gut sometimes. But the love of an amazing woman is greatness for me.

I can climb a mountain in the snow butt naked and not be cold, if I know she is going to be there when I come down. Injuries to my body do not exist if I know that she is right there, ready to kiss the pain away. I've lost the love of my life and died slowly in the process...greatness gone.

She has come into my world and once again, empowered me. The krptonite to my Superman? It can all go away so fast. She knows this. She loves me. I love her. We are a wreck, and a beautiful one at that. Call me crazy, but that is greatness. The rise, the fall, the love, the journey, the struggle, the laughs, all of it.

Come with me and lets be great. Worst case scenario: I am differently average. So, you still win. I have achieved greatness and want to do it again and keep it this time...

EricS EricS
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Aww, so lucky to have her back, would love a man to come back to me but I fear he's lost in another relationship. Ours ended 12years ago and I think he's on the opposite side of the world.

Being willing to do it again says a lot about who you are. I hope you achieve this greatness and have her by your side when all is said and done.