Here Tonight: An Epilogue About The Day And Passions That I Have.

I sit here tonight after the deafening sound of the day. Man it was hard today. I pushed through I always almost do. I need structure in my life at least that's what I feel will help me achieve my dreams. I want to be successful and do what I love. Is that to much to ask!!! Take all of your theories about life and tell me you're not miserable or at least unstimulated. All I know is I was born to create, there is nothing else for me. I'm a smart person I can do anything I want I have to create its who I am.

You look at me as if you know what I can achieve! Believing what you think has gotten me know-where. Its funny to me that you think you can judge me when I can take any song on the radio and tell you whats right or wrong with it. I can also tell you if the song has the potential to reach an audience and be palatable. But still maybe you judge me, maybe you think this whole thing is crazy but you would understand if you could just listen and apply yourself. We're two different people can we find common ground.? I have to be healthy and achieve my dreams. I have to be me that's something I value since I predominately have had a strong lack of self esteem up to this point. I have had confidence though.
Martin425 Martin425
Aug 5, 2010