Tell Us More of What This Experience Is?

i desire more info.

charlee17 charlee17
51-55, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

amazing. i've had small moments of this type of happening kinda a dream state but not asleep.

did you have peace at that moment? was it something that you wish to experience again? i wish that i could have someone to go thru the process with. but then i know that i am not alone here in my experience. God's and angels and my spiritual guide are always with me. i am small and need to release this smallness. it is basic in most real spiritual growth that the mind ego needs to be put aside for the spiritual to become real to us. i am reminded that we are spiritual beings on a human experience and not the other way around. the life i have in my body is real but the life in spirit is more real. today i plan to focus on that space for the now of time. as i do the things that are a part of my life,work, dishes, laundry, cleaning cat boxes i will try to be in the space of bliss, joy . that is living in the moment. everything is for a higher place then, and it is bliss to be there. i have been rewarded thru my body and the increased water that i ve taken. physically i am improving. i am thankful for this as then i am not thinking of the body more than needed. today i will set aside time to just be and not be concerned for the outcome. namaste peace i give to you

have you been in nirvana many times? in reading your posts it seems like you have. how long do you stay in that place of bliss?