My Attitude Is What I Am, People Judge Me The Way They Are...

I was happy ....positive energy... and really fun girl, not until i got trapped under sme bitchs who were really jealous of me.... now all i hear from people is that am a ***** .... seriouslly!!!!!.... aint they got any work of their own to deal with ???
singlehope singlehope
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

You are tripping over their dirty rubbish in your path, walk tall, step high and over it are above it, I can tell by your positive attitude, you really do have what it takes, your words tell me that.....

yeah... ur ryt..

I would suggest you are right, nothing of their own to do......"idle time breeds idle minds". If people are busy making a true life for themselves, they don't have time for making that kind of trouble.

yeah... i just don giv a dam for them bt they poke their dirty nose in every path i stand tat make me mad n i just cant controll my anger..