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My wife and I have been practising the cuckold lifestyle now for about 5 years. I spent the early years of our marriage trying to convince her.
We are both enjoying it tremendously now and feel even closer than before to one another.
When I found this site (by accident, or random browsing) I was excited that I could actually share some of our experiences with other like minded couples. It was a turn-on to be able to see and hear what other people did, how they struggled and how they felt it was great. I found myself writing about our experiences and thinking about things that preiously, I thought wouldnt interest me (eating cream pie, both mine and other guys [still not achieved]) having my wife go out publically with her B/F to places that she may bump into people that know us etc, etc. Each time that I have *** across an interesting profile and developed a chat routine, I find that the other person is either gay, bi & horney for **** or just too far into domination for me to enjoy.
I have tried audio blogs (obviously, commercial).

All I want is to be able to have a conversation with a real cuckold and his woman about this lifestyle.

Is it so hard? (mine is)

Dissapointed Multitalanted :(
multitalanted multitalanted
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I too am curious about how you and your wife were able to get from thinking about the lifestyle, to suggesting it, to considering it , to practicing it. Like niceguy5 I'm not into humiliation or domination, just the sharing.

Well' why dont we talk? I'm sure that we could find something interesting to talk about. I find that typed 'chatting', although being a turnon, the typing can be distracting.<br />
You can find me at;<br />
<br />
I look forward to talking :)