Be limitless!

No limits...
There is one goal....Globally Connect and Bond Together Hand to Heart - Heart to Soul!

Are there limits?...The sky!
Go with your gut, say what you feel, let it flow!
Where do you start? ,,,Ready set blast off - Straight to your core!
Are there walls?...break then down
Are there layers?....remove then
Are there rules? Be Pure and kind!
Do you love? As big as it gets!
Do you laugh? As hard as possible

How long could the ultimate goal take......a second,,,,This one!

Choose.... Harmony, Peace, Hope, Love, Faith, Joy

Can we globally fix what is broken? In a pure heartbeat... Together we can start now!

If you feel in your heart that you can commit to the above

When does it start....the moment you answered yes,,,I can commit!

Can it start now....It just did!
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51-55, F
Oct 4, 2012