i think that is about where my stories to groups ratio is. Some of my groups are the same experience under diferent name. Still I try to add a story for every group I am in. These people with 1000 experiences, so they claim, and no stories bug me. Are they lieing about their experiences or too shy or ashamed to share about them?
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thats what im trying to do. write a story on all the experience groups i joined. i think i mistakenly joined too many. im at 504 right now. i joined them because i can relate to them not just because ive had them. does that make me a liar? no. ive been leaving groups that i dont care to share a story about as i go. i wouldnt mind getting it down to about 200 or so but its difficult deciding which ones to leave. ive shared alot of stories and none of them are fake. some are fantasies and others are real life experiences. im with you on this though. it bugs me too when i see a group that has like 3000 members and only 20 people have written a story. i dont want to be one the many that hasnt written a story about it. it just takes time to narrow down the groups i dont want.

yes your're right! Some were just ashame to share there stories & MANY were just lieing!