The Rules & The Begining

The story has started.

Three Peeps have been nominated to continue the few line's of story below,
They have been notified by mail or whiteboard.

You notify your nominees

Add the three Peeps to the end of your post if you wish, and why you want them there....

They will post their continuation how ever they see fit in no more than 100 word's, Short and sweet....
( I know how some you could write for the Olympics if there was an event for it huh?? )

I also know you lot have wicked imaginations.... So be funny be wicked be serious be you and let's keep it going....

This was the first thing that popped into my head.... Where will we go from here???

Nominate as much and who you want....  Again no immediate returns...

I hope this will be as much fun as EP Tag!!

Lets start Experience Project Never ending Story............

I sat in the dimly lit room watching the mice scurrying around in the corner of the room nibbling the pile of corn fallen from the hole in the dusty hessian sack.

The Horses are unsettled with the rain hammering down on the corrigated tin roof and flash of lightening followed very closely by a heavy clap of thunder, the storm is not far the wind is gathering strength... I hope I am safe here hidden in the shaddows...........

My nominees are   

1  Fungirlmmm,  
 I dedicate this to fungirl for the inspiration from EP Tag.....

2  Smyliebean,   
I think Smylie will find it fun

3  Luckypickle    
Lucky will make me laugh....
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Hey you, Hi wow .... I don't see you about much or have I not been looking very well, oh bad shark again huh?? Hope your well it's been ages... :)

Great idea!