Part 8

the howls come closer i can hear them just outside the door.
their raspy breathing, the click clack as their claws fall upon the wooden floor
my heart hammers as loud as the thunder outside
as i push the shutters aside and lower my self to the ground
with fear and courage i never knew i had i make my way to the dark woods
stopping everynow and then to listen for signs that they persue me

i call on she has a wonderful mind....:)
and little lena.....:D
masterzune masterzune
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8 Responses Jul 15, 2010 comment :D

thanks babe so when u going to add to it...:)

good work love! :)<br />
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lol @ dc....that sounds like some innuendo :~)

I was wondering how long it would take you to pick up the scent Zune. Nice addition!

lol....i think i can see that....:)<br />
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thanks jester...nice rythme.....

wow. would we have stayed in the shed so long if it was full of wood or would the wood be protection if it could, but will we now see the wood through the tree's and find protection in the wood and I think it would........ lol sorry.... nice one masterzune...

ur welcome avalon......:)

lol...lets hopes so or it will be a short neverending story...haha