I sit crouched low, my back pressed against the wall, my palm open the key glinting, tempting me ... what is it for ... what will it open?

I look around me, the howling wind has died down, I am alone.  Around me the dark forest has been illuminated now by the sun, just rising beyond in the distance.  I blink and stare, trying to focus.  My head is filled with wool, confused unable to think.

As I stare, I see something metallic about ten feet away from me.  A handle, some sort of door into the ground.  I approach, the key in my hand, trembling now... unsure, nervous ... my hand shakes as I look for a lock in which to insert it.

Clearing some leaves I find what I'm looking for, the key turns easily and I take the handle and turn it.  I lift the door and am looking down now. A staircase which yawns before me into a cavernous space below.  I step cautiously onto the stairs and begin to walk down, down into the depths of this unknown place.  Not knowing what awaits me.   I flinch as the door closes behind me, I don't know how and I don't stop to question. This is dreamlike, I don't understand.  The winding staircase is gaslit, flickering almost uncertain, but beckons me forward. 

At the foot of the stairs I am in an open space, octagonal and in the centre of the room is an altar ... as I approach I am aware I am suddenly not alone.  I am being watched.  

Draped across the altar is a robe, dark green, velvet.  I touch it and am immediately drawn to its softness, sensuous, cool and inviting me to wear it.  From behind me I am aware that someone is there and I turn to see a figure, draped in the same dark green.  He approaches and begins to help me remove my clothing and, once naked, drapes the robe around my shoulders, drawing me close.

The cool of the dark velvet robe is in sharp contrast to the warmth of his body as he holds me and I feel his breath against my cheek. 

OK ... who would like to continue? ... I nominate coyotegray, eightofswords and ersatz ... to take up the baton ...

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A nice spicy-twist indeed, WIB! And you set it up so nicely, thank you for contributing. Jester I had a feeling you would appreciate the way she writes... and WIB you invited Coyotegray too... hmmmmm the plot thickens! I must read on!

thank you jester.

Well good call dragoncat.... and I bow to you womaninbliss..... :)

thank you jester ... dragoncat invited me and hinted that I might spice it up a little ... so this was the result!! glad you liked it.

Whow you just wanted to keep going there didn't you.... That was a good turn to our story..... :)<br />
<br />
I think I shall have to visit you and read some of your stories you ignight.... :)