In the dark recesses of the room was a spider. It was not particularly large  but ever since the incident on the web I have  had arachnophobia. I scanned the room for a jar or something to contain it but there was nothing. The stranger sensed my alarm and saw the spider too. His green eyes widened and plainly he had arachnophobia too. It is more common than people think. Luckily the stranger had been drinking wine and so I used the empty bottle to contain the spider safely and put the cork in for good measure. I said I would release it later outside as rationally I know spiders are harmless.  Relief washed through me and then suddenly I knew where I had met the stranger before...... 

anyone can pick it up! 
koyptakh koyptakh
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

lol...now i enjoyed that brought some humour to the neverending story...:)

Lmto...... Hahahaha you are a naughty one then huh??? Your out to test people ... did you nominate people to add post's ? :)