Part 16...

"You should have known hunters would be sent to retrieve you." he said, menace dripping from his every word. "You were a most promising Acolyte. A true daughter of the goddess. Those in the inner circle whispered at your potential." Leaning in close, he inhaled deeply, taking in her scent, letting it set fire to his senses. "And you should have known that it would be me who would find you! We could not let you go --- you are far too sweet and know far too much." 

He moved to bind her wrists, looked deeply into her eyes... and stopped! There was fear there, that was unmistakable, but at that instant something else looked back at him as well. Her eyes changed, briefly flashing, reflecting the thoughts of an ancient soul...a newborn knowledge that ran so deep it had shocked itself, causing this young woman to curl up in an attempt to escape the new found sense of self that was the true nature of her being.

She changed right there in front of him, relaxing, no longer straining in his grip she looked defiantly into his eyes and that ancient "thing" that peered out from behind the windows of her soul, shifted, reached out, and took hold of him...   

I could not resist, the temptation was too great!
I hand the baton off to any who wish to pick it up from here... and two others --- I nominate 8footdread, another romantic lusty poet! And TheRealWoman, who is an incredible writer!
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[8footdread materilises sniffing venomously...picking up the scent he follows the trail into the thick space of unfolding dimensions and knows his destiny...leaving he bows to Dragoncat...and dematerializes leaving no trace...]

Any women out there tht wana chat to this Stalion! Nw cnt slp

Any women out there tht wana chat to this Stalion! Nw cnt slp

That was what pulled me back in, once I read Coyotegreys addition to the story. I don't think anyone minds... I believe JesterJarhead would have no problems expanding the group... and If it is truly never ending... The more the merrier!

I hope no one minds but I add to this story :) Dragoncat0228 set this up so wonderfully part 17 pratically wrote itself!

Awwww... come on! The fun is in the twists, the total unpredictability that a different mind would bring. We should fearlessly take this story and journey forth to new heights!