Part 18 The Alternative Version

• Part 1 by JesterJarHead
I sat in the dimly lit room watching the mice scurrying around in the corner of the room nibbling the pile of corn fallen from the hole in the dusty hessian sack.

The Horses are unsettled with the rain hammering down on the corrigated tin roof and flash of lightening followed very closely by a heavy clap of thunder, the storm is not far the wind is gathering strength... I hope I am safe here hidden in the shaddows...........

• Insert by emrldpeeps found in jesterjarheads comments...
Listening to the sound of the rain on my roof top it takes on a life of it's own a rhythm that slowly builds as the thunder breaks the air above.

• Part 2 by luckypickle
But the storm outside was nothing compared to what I was feeling inside. I closed my eyes for a while and let the scene replay again and again. How could I have been so stupid to forget the note? The look on his face when he saw the note. How can I face the outside world again?

All I wanted was to be free from the constraints of this life. Of this house. Of this family. I never meant to hurt anyone. I never wanted to make mama cry. I never wanted to make my daddy mad. Just a breath of freedom...

• Part 3 by Arorin
But maybe part of me did want to hurt them. Maybe they shouldn't have raised me in such isolation as they did. The storm outside is eventually going to settle but will the storm inside ever rest? Do I have to walk this earth wearing this face forever?

• Part 4 by StarWolf77
I was there. The Pain was running through my fains popping out of those fruity juice. But I couldn't resist to stop because squirting you with joy and Faith all over you little birdies Feeding twittering in your Nest...

• Part 5 by smyliebean
That last CLAP!!! of Thunder reverberated through my skull and greymatter so intensely... I was seeing little birdies flying round my head like Tweetybird around Sylvester in Loony Tunes.
" Oh Gawd" I groaned to myself "I hate thunderstorms" ,
The next flash of lightening coincided with another BOOM... I ducked my head into my shoulders hoping to make myself as tiny as those mice , by the corn bag. One horse gave a snort of fright, tossing his head in frustration at being closed inside with the rain drumming on the tin. With my own fear beating in my chest, I would be a complete numpty at calming this beast down at the moment. I covered my ears with my hands and waited for the thunder to lessen....

• Part 6 by Dragon0228
Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of light as lighting streaked through the air, cracked and sizzled striking a nearby tree. The mice scattered, and the shack shook as the howling winds begin to pick up. I shuddered, because along with the winds... another sound seemed to carry in the night, blending with the rising winds, barely heard as if off in the distance. A sound that is far more menacing this night as it draws nearer like some thing that rides the back of angry growing winds, bounding and echoing in the distance. It grows louder and more distinct as if whatever was making it was coming closer. It did not take long for me to realize it wasn't just the wind that was howling! Those were wolf cries that I heard in the distance... and they were definitely moving closer!

• Part 7 by Floydess
I must find safety elsewhere.
Far from here.
Away from the minacious howls, away from the petrified screams, away from the dreadful memories. I close my eyes and lay my head on my knees as I hug my legs closely. The echoes of the unnerved little girl haunt me. I no longer wish for that faerie-tale ending. There is no such thing for me.

• Part 8 by masterzune
The howls come closer i can hear them just outside the door. Their raspy breathing, the click clack as their claws fall upon the wooden floor
my heart hammers as loud as the thunder outside as i push the shutters aside and lower myself to the ground with fear and courage i never knew I had. I make my way to the dark woods stopping every now and then to listen for signs that they pursue me...

• Part 9 by avalonleppard
Their blood boiling howls made me aware of their proximity, and how close that was, my chest heaved in attempt to desperately drag the much needed oxygen into my failing lungs....Is this it?
My head thumped, and circled, and twisted in a way I never thought it could.....How long till they catch me?
I could almost hear the sounds of them tearing at my flesh, I only hoped I would die before it got that far. How morbid my mind became, wishing for a quick death.....yet my legs were moving, images of the dampened wood were passing my eyes as I sped up....branches hitting my face..where was I going?

• Part 10 by jesterjarhead
I just run as fast as possible my leg's are just a blur.. still hearing the howls and pus........... THUD...
I fall my head bleeding I can feel the track's of the warm blood trickling and dripping from my brow cooling before meeting my skin once more....
I feel dizzy I can't see so goo........
I wake to feel a big wet tongue licking me... taking the blood from my face, I feel the cold nose sniffing scanning, I can't look i'm too scared, but wait those licks are familier I slowly open one eye to see the big black nose of a Labrador I reach out to him but he hear's his masters voice and he is gone.

I raise myself to my feet..... I am so lost... What's this. Something shining, glinting from the sunlight caught on a metal surface....

A highly decorative tin wow, this must be worth a shilling or two....

As I open the tin to peer inside I find within a key, made for a gate or door, perhaps a large travelling trunk or even a chest...

• Part 11 by womaninbliss
sit crouched low, my back pressed against the wall, my palm open the key glinting, tempting me ... what is it for ... what will it open?

I look around me, the howling wind has died down, I am alone. Around me the dark forest has been illuminated now by the sun, just rising beyond in the distance. I blink and stare, trying to focus. My head is filled with wool, confused unable to think.

As I stare, I see something metallic about ten feet away from me. A handle, some sort of door into the ground. I approach, the key in my hand, trembling now... unsure, nervous ... my hand shakes as I look for a lock in which to insert it.

Clearing some leaves I find what I'm looking for, the key turns easily and I take the handle and turn it. I lift the door and am looking down now. A staircase which yawns before me into a cavernous space below. I step cautiously onto the stairs and begin to walk down, down into the depths of this unknown place. Not knowing what awaits me. I flinch as the door closes behind me, I don't know how and I don't stop to question. This is dreamlike, I don't understand. The winding staircase is gaslit, flickering almost uncertain, but beckons me forward.

At the foot of the stairs I am in an open space, octagonal and in the centre of the room is an altar ... as I approach I am aware I am suddenly not alone. I am being watched.

Draped across the altar is a robe, dark green, velvet. I touch it and am immediately drawn to its softness, sensuous, cool and inviting me to wear it. From behind me I am aware that someone is there and I turn to see a figure, draped in the same dark green. He approaches and begins to help me remove my clothing and, once naked, drapes the robe around my shoulders, drawing me close.

The cool of the dark velvet robe is in sharp contrast to the warmth of his body as he holds me and I feel his breath against my cheek.

• Part 12 by pamster369
His breath sweet, like wine, had my sense whirling. This stranger holding me made me feel safer than I had ever felt in my life. How could this be? I looked up, my gaze meeting his eyes, they were as green as the velvet robes. He was watching me with a familiarity that was unsettling. It was all too much. The memories of the past several hours came crashing in my mind like waves against the rocks. I felt my legs go weak and was helpless to stand. His arms deftly caught me, but my body turned and what I glimpsed in the dark recesses of the room made my blood run cold.

• Part 13 by koyptakh
In the dark recesses of the room was a spider. It was not particularly large but ever since the incident on the web I have had arachnophobia. I scanned the room for a jar or something to contain it but there was nothing. The stranger sensed my alarm and saw the spider too. His green eyes widened and plainly he had arachnophobia too. It is more common than people think. Luckily the stranger had been drinking wine and so I used the empty bottle to contain the spider safely and put the cork in for good measure. I said I would release it later outside as rationally I know spiders are harmless. Relief washed through me and then suddenly I knew where I had met the stranger before......

• Part14 by Vignette
he spider no longer a threat, I noticed the stranger approaching me. His dark green robe swaying and dusting the wood planked floor as he glided toward me with stealth. He watched me with a hunger. My eyes were locked on his, my feet frozen in place, my heart racing. I wanted to run, but could not. His eyes held me captive. I suddenly remembered this feeling from long ago. In the deep recesses of my mind a memory started to come to the surface – a memory of him. But how could that be when we have never met before?

• Part 15 by Coyotegray
he had come to him again! The Acolyte! He had not believed his eyes when he saw her descend the stairs. He had dreamed of her return - offered flesh to the Goddess. Now here she was. The rites could continue; the offerings of pain and devotion; her blood and her cries would cleanse this space. He would know the bliss of communion with the goddess he served.

He slipped across the room, the noosed velvet cord in his hand - first he must secure her; then....

• Part 16 by Dragoncat0228
"You should have known hunters would be sent to retrieve you."he said, menace dripping from his every word. "You were a most promising Acolyte. A true daughter of the goddess. Those in the inner circle whispered at your potential." Leaning in close, he inhaled deeply, taking in her scent, letting it set fire to his senses."And you should have known that it would be me who would find you! We could not let you go --- you are far too sweet and know far too much."

He moved to bind her wrists, looked deeply into her eyes... and stopped! There was fear there, that was unmistakable, but at that instant something else looked back at him as well. Her eyes changed, briefly flashing, reflecting the thoughts of an ancient soul...a newborn knowledge that ran so deep it had shocked itself, causing this young woman to curl up in an attempt to escape the new found sense of self that was the true nature of her being.

She changed right there in front of him, relaxing, no longer straining in his grip she looked defiantly into his eyes and that ancient "thing" that peered out from behind the windows of her soul, shifted, reached out, and took hold of him...

• Part 17 by Cici88
Her whole demeanour changed the second she heard his voice. That deep, low voice he'd infused with menace pierced through the fog. His was the voice that had haunted her dreams since she could remember, he would come to her whenever she was suffering or alone. She felt a link to him that she had not let herself feel with anyone else.

"Who are you?" She whispered, surprised at the slight crack in her voice. His hands squeezed her wrists and she looked down. His long fingers easily encircling them and keeping her prisoner. She knew she should be afraid, but she wasn't, she was intrigued. Why did he haunt her dreams?

• Part 18 by 8footdread
"Do not fear Jasmine. I am one who would not harm you"

"How did you know my name?"

"I am on who knows many things about you child, many things I would have you know and more"

"I am afraid and yet I want to know"

"Yes child, it is time take this it is a gift" He slipped the noosed velvet cord around her wrists and spoke in a strange language...

Suddenly Jasmine was spinning, spinning in an endless spiral of darkness...on and on as if the very universe had picked her up and thrown her into the unknown...

"Wake up, wake up little girl..." came the hushed kind voice of a woman gently cradling her head.

“Where am I” said Jasmine holding her splitting burning head.

“You are in the prison chamber of acolytes. You have been sent here by Arcayne. Quickly, you must come to your senses, the Brawn will be here soon and if you don’t have your wits about you you’ll suffer his anger...come girl quickly on your feet now...and mind my warning girl do not speak unless spoken to or we both will be thrown into the pot of souls for tonights soup.”

Just as Jasmine was standing and straightening herself out the door opened and an unholy stench came through the room followed by a rotten fleshed being of unspeakable putridity.

His paws were dripping with faecal gunk and his body was oozing the pus of boils and bleeding sores but the worst of all to Jasmine was his face...pocketed with torn flesh and hoary spikes and the teeth of some heinous great white shark snapping in gnawing was then Jasmine saw something that made her stomach explode in vomitous wretching expulsion... it was the face of her dead twin brother...

I invite anyone brave enough to carry this on

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