She sits at the trestle table , pushing the food they had placed in front of her around her plate . She had been here in this world for 2

weeks and was not any closer to figuring out , why she was here , how she can get back to earth , and why she had awakened up as

a boy .

She dropped the wooden fork on the plate and closed her eyes, for 2 weeks all she had been hearing were these people talking of
prophecies being fulfilled, of battles that needed to be won, and destinies to be fulfilled ... she had not said a word...if only they knew
.. she was no one special, she did not have special powers , or any battle prowess, that they seemed to think she did .. she was just Jasmine .. nothing special .. well except for the turning into a boy thing, besides that just a regular girl .... she rubbed her one of the sweet old women that had saved her, began another lecture on her responsibilities to save the world ...

Suddenly the pain in her head began to throb, she wanted to go home .. and be herself .. not a saviour , not a prophecy come true .. nothing but herself. Stop! she screamed ..halting the older woman's words in mid sentence .. she stood up ..."I have had enough, how many times do I need to say this .. I do not have any special powers , or great destinies to fulfill, I want to go home , you have the wrong person .. I keep telling you but you wont listen dammit!

No one moved as the last word she shouted echoed through the cavernous dining hall... but it was not her shouting that stopped the talking ... it was that every single piece of furniture was levitating about 6 feet in the air ... Jasmine herself was in shock .. "what the hell?"

As her anger fled and gave way to shock .. the furniture crashed to the floor .. some not surviving the fall ... she stood there .. her mind refusing to believe "I am no one special , I am just me " she whispered aloud to herself .. "and I just want to go home"... suddenly her mind filled with a vision of big hungry wolves snapping blood soaked fangs .. followed by nightmarish dark apparitions .. swiftly following their messengers of death...and in her minds ear she heard screams blood curdling , screams .. then the vision was gone .. and she come back to herself .. standing in the midst of the broken furniture...a crowd of people , some looking at her in fear , some in admiration others in worship...

Just then , a long , harsh lone wolf cry ...reverberated through the hall...... Sala the ancient one ...looked at Jasmine , fear and anticipation in her eyes

"It begins ".....

I nominate Sylph to carry on ...yayayay =-D
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thanks ES I really appreciate it ... I was a bit nervous writing this because the peeps before me did such a great creative job ... thanks again *high fives Es*

wow inspirational, reminds me when I wanted very much to be a writter, os much talent out there, thanks kittti

thanks geetar darling .. I never checked to see if she did it or not .... but she was on vaca .. so I dont know ..

Thanks Onesimus I am glad you liked it .. =-)

Wow what a story! Your a star

Thank you Kitty, am honored... :)

*giggles* .. wow now you have my little imagination twirling .. a story half wizard of oz half lord of the rings jester for your comment .. you are alright in my book =-D

Hey kitty, whow had me gripped there she... oh um he should have clicked the heels of his little red shoes and could have ended up in Kansas but his shoes ain't red huh.. and that's been done before init..... :)

*giggles* yayay thank you dragoncat .. I was trepidacious about posting it after reading all 18 parts and seeing how great they were .... that is so nice of you *hugs*

Amid the circle of storytellers... Dragoncat sits leaning forward as the suspence builds. Well done Softkitti, very well done!

*giggles* I tried .. yayayay.. it sounds like a success .. no ?...*sits down 8 foot snuggles on couch and shares popcorn *

[8footdread stands before softkitti.....bows and lets a single tear fall from his heart...the tear turns into a diamond that he places in a forehead crown to sit stunningly in Kitti's third eye a symbol of utmost respect and adoration for her amazing gift of storytelling...]<br />
<br />
You're a natural Kitti...<br />
<br />
I can't wait to read more about Sala the Ancient...<br />
<br />
I have so many questions - How will Jasmine the once girl now boy resolve this situation...<br />
<br />
Will the orders of Light survive this...<br />
<br />
What doom shall Arcayne wreak on the keepers of the All Light?<br />
<br />
Is there enough popcorn in the world for 8footdread to wait for the inevitable next chapter...<br />
<br />
we wait...we imagine...we pop corn...