Part 8 - Dream Never Dies

Part 7 by Floydess
I must find safety elsewhere.
Far from here.
Away from the minacious howls, away from the petrified screams, away from the dreadful memories. I close my eyes and lay my head on my knees as I hug my legs closely. The echoes of the unnerved little girl haunt me. I no longer wish for that faerie-tale ending. There is no such thing for me.

I must say I haven't read the other parts, sorry. So here is my version. And I apologize I am sleepy.

Part 8 -

Falling asleep in my thoughts...I see you arriving, laughing and crying,
In emotions that were putting in your unforeseen splendour glances, in this afternoon finally.
Feeling you getting closer to me and taking my hand, bringing me home, sweet home.
The safety place of my dreams, the secret of happiness.
Living and sharing the fondness of love…Without fears.
A dream that never dies.

--->I nominate two of some the best EP writers:
geetar39, because he rocks!
destry, because she rocks, rocks and rocks...and more!

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Beautiful princess! XOXO

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excellent prose