Destry wrote part 9:

The sun rose slowly 
Coloring the light cerulean sky with radiant shades of tangerine and lilac
You entered my thoughts upon waking...
Warm, and comforting in the very early morning
A smile crossed my lips as I shook off the last vestiges of sleep
A sweet thing you said before slumber, flickered in my mind
I rose and went about my day, carrying the smile and the warmth
Deep within, to pull me out of any melancholy that may threaten
The beautiful, silky day....

And now part 10:

What will today bring? I wonder as we sit across from each other at the table. Coffee is steaming in cups in front of us. The contentment of being here with you wafting off me like the steam from the coffee. I live in this moment, trying not to think about whether this will last forever. Just enjoy the moment. A mischevious smile plays at the corner of your mouth.


I am smiling too. Giggling. The words we don't have to say read in our faces. I stretch sleep-stiff limbs and ask what we will do today.

Mischief in your eyes as you say, "Just get dressed. I have a plan."

I nominate Scooby, Karumbey and LadyInCognito because I'd like to see where they take this!
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I like this one better than the other EP tag!! : )