Part ??? For Mary P5

Mary P5:  

 As you go about your day, I go about mine. I make breakfast, pack lunches, check homework and get the kids to school. I make the bed we made love in last night and text you "good news, I found my undies :)." I vacuum again, I put another pile of never ending piles of laundry in the wash. I fold 2 baskets full of clothes before I have to quit, the futility of it all threatening to smother me. I sigh and look around our home. Every inch has a memory, some good, some painful, some still make me laugh. And it's all encompassed in our love, our life together. The kids get home, they tell me about their days, we do homework, I start dinner, listening for the garage door to open. And there you are. And I can't help but smile. You wrap your arms around me. Lay your forehead on mine and say "This is what I've waited for all day. To be home with you."

My turn:

 Doorbell rings and the boys dash to see who can get to the door first. In unison, they all scream “Grandma!”  Puzzled, I walk in the living room to see my mother with her overnight bag hugging the boys.  She looks over at me and says, “Okay you lovebirds, go on your way I have everything under control here.”  Confused, I look over at him to see that his eyes are widening and his smile getting bigger by the second. “Honey, what’s going on?” I ask.  He yells out “thanks Mom” as he grabs my hand, my purse and directs me inside the car.  Before we drive off, he reaches in the back of the car to hand me a box beautifully wrapped gift.  Open it he says.  I rip open the box.  I burst into tears when I realize it’s the Jimmy Choo stilettos that I have been dreaming of owning.  “My princess needs her magic shoes” he says.  I lean over and give him the biggest hug.  Are you going to let me in on the secret now? I ask.  He looks deep into my eyes and says, “You are so beautiful.” I can’t help but giggle like a schoolgirl. Minutes later, he pulls the car up for valet parking in front of the Ritz-Carlton. Dressed in jeans and a blouse, I panic and tell him that I’m simply not dressed appropriately to be at the Ritz.  He gives me that sinister look and says “honey where we are going, clothes are optional.” Hand in hand, we walk through the opulent lobby and head straight to the elevator.  As soon as the elevator door closes, his hands cradle my face as he leans towards me to kiss me ever so passionately. Wrapped in his tight embrace, I can feel how aroused he has become.  Finally, the elevator arrives on our floor.  He walks towards our room, opens the door and turns around to pick me up so he can carry me across the threshold. Candles burning everywhere and soft music filled the air.  Gently he sets me down on the bed and leans over to give me one of those kisses again.  He lifts himself from the bed. Walks over to uncork the bottle of champagne and pour it into each glass.  He raises his glass, as he hands me mine and makes a toast, “To the most beautiful flower in the meadow.”     

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Aug 9, 2010