Part 13...following Geetar's Part 12

Geetar didn't follow the 100 word rule.... so mine's going to seem lame after his.... but I'll give it a go!

Part 12: by Geetar, after following Scoob's part 11

They rumbled down the freeway. It was a beautiful day so they had the top down on his Mustang. It ran pretty well for being 20 years old. He glanced sideways at this wife. She had her head back and her eyes closed – letting the wind whip her long hair around – enjoying the cool breeze. His mind wandered to when they first met.

He had just got the car and was driving his friend home from a high school football game. His friends sister needed a ride and she had this girl with her he had never seen before. When the girl saw the convertible she squealed with delight. β€œCan I ride in the front?”, she chirped. She was so excited it didn't seem right to shove her in the back. As they rode home, down the same highway actually, she had looked exactly as she did now, brown hair dancing; a small smile on her lips.

A corner came up and his daydream ended. He watched the road for a bit then glanced again at his wife. She must have seen his thoughts for she was now looking at him, an evil glint in her eyes over a mischevious smile. She bit her lip and slid towards him on the seat. He glanced quickly at her. Her pupils were dark pools of desire.

His mind left the road for the second time in 5 minutes as her hand slowly ticked his zipper down.

Part 13 ~

She presses her hand against him, teasingly, knowingly. Memories rushing back at her from years ago, back to when the top being down wouldn't be a deterrent to her naughty thoughts. Back to when there wouldn't have been the slightest hesitation, her head would have been in his lap by now.

She looks at him, feels his hope, desire, anticipation. The moment takes her, and she sheds away the burden of being too old for such things. She kisses his ear, just a little nibble, then his neck, her hand deftly undoing the button on his jeans. She kisses his shoulder, gives him an evil grin as she is about to descend.

The blare of a horn from a tractor trailer assails their senses. She sits up abruptly as the trucker passes, giving them both a wave. They look at each other, burst into laughter, and kindly wave back.

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