Poker Night, And What Comes Next.

This is tough to follow!!!

Part 11 - by LilMissMuffett

I long to see you, but eventually the time draws near,
Everything is ready - a bottle chills, flowers spill,
Lace hugs my skin, hidden.

I hear the door, my heart races
Your steps follow the traces left...
Before I know it you're here -

Warm arms around me
Gentle lips on me
As if we've not been apart...

And suddenly you pause -
But wait!
It's poker night...!!
The boys will be here any minute...
Now where did I put those cards??

Pouting, just a little. I missed you today. But guys night must be. I head out to go see a movie and give you privacy to swear and scratch yourselves and smoke cigars in peace.

I get home, I Melting into you, kisses and even took a shower! I hold up a finger...Give me a moment... While you think of naughty things.

I find you on the bed, in your pj pants that I find so sexy...the waistband grazing your hips, tempting my fingers to touch...

Suddenly, a knock at the door. At this hour? Ignore it.

It becomes more insistent...

I tag - Karumbey, NewDayDog and BrutMystik
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5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

As long as you both get back to it. : ) (yay!!)

I'm tagged huh? Okay I've been out all day and have to go to the gym in 30 minutes so I'll have to get back to this later tonight.

Hmm. Tagged eh? I have an overwhelming urge to throw a wrench in this...add a dancing bear or two... I'll get to this soon >:)

hahaha!!! Too bad for you, you're not tagged Scooby!!