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Part 21: Wolfie

Part 20: Sylph
The howling came as an endless spine-tingling wail as Sala, the Ancient One approached Jasmine. Was there sorrow in the sound she just heard? Quickly dismissing the idea with what she is faced before her eyes.

Eyes dark and menacing... piercing. Paws appear to be gliding on the ancient floor halls... posing as a threat... yet non-intimidating. Jasmine shook her head, unable to disengage her eyes from the wolf's eyes. They seem to be talking to her, telling her something. She whacked her boyish mane. How can a pair of wolf's eyes talk to her. And as quickly as she questioned herself, she heard a voice in her head. Startled, she looked straight at Sala.

Sala has paused, staring at Jasmine. "Do not fear, little one. The menace of Arcayne has reached the far corners of the world and seek to destroy the Orders of Light. I am Sala, Ancient Keeper of the Orders of Light. You are here because you are a threat to Arcayne and his minions. He has played with you, transforming your body into that of a boy. Luring you to think less of yourself so you become weak".

"I...", Jasmine shakes her head, "I do not understand".

Sala replied, "Understanding comes only once you have learned acceptance. Accept your fate and you will see the Light".

"What fate? That I hold a boy's body"? Jasmine asked.

"No, little one. This is just a ruse Arcayne has given you. Trust in the Light ahead and you will understand".

"W-ha-t... l-igh-t..."? as Jasmine was blinded with an intense shimmer of brightness, blinding. She tries to shield her eyes with her arms but heard Sala coaxing, "Trust in the Light". She brings her arms down and looks apprehensively ahead. blinking, tears welling... and then she sees ahead.

There from within the Light, a Lady, with long dark tresses and shimmering white robe... her skin as pale as the light yet it gleams, almost twinkling. The Lady approaches from within the Light towards Jasmine. Gaping, almost unblinking, Jasmine sees her fairness, her pouting lips beckoning for sensuality... her dark eyes, sweet and penetrating. The Lady extends her fair hand for Jasmine. And as Jasmine walks towards the Lady in the Light, she can feel herself changing, inside and out. As her hand touched the Lady, Jasmine soon sees. Not only has she regained her femininity, she has likewise attained the understanding of the Light.

Her whole being feels different yet she remains as who she is.

The Lady speaks, "This is the beginning of your new found wisdom as the Keeper of the All Light. Your adventure begins".

Part 21: Wolfen

Awareness came slowly.
He did not recognize his new form immediately but sensed the power coiled inside.
Sala, the Ancient One, had been right all these years.
"Damn crackpot!" he growled, echoing words he had spoken a million times. Now he wished he hadn't dismissed the wizard so quickly.
"Circle of Fire or Light, some Arcayne crap, find and protect the Keeper.” His mind struggled to grasp any memory of the ramblings barked at him as he grew up. That was many years ago. Before he left home for good to become a shift-soldier. Now here he was, thrust out in some shape on some world to find this Keeper.
It would be a girl, that was all he knew.
A shudder racked his new body as he fully morphed into his new shape. The wolf had been running up a hallway but, as his mind took control, he skidded it to a stop. He was face-to-face with a boy. Something familiar....
His sensitive ears picked up the pounding of many more paws heading in his direction. A huge howl escaped his jaws and rose towards an ancient moon.
Inside, another sensation rose. Hunger.

I'll tag Karumbey - just because.

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*grabs Kitti and dances the twist*... this kind of twist is fun, too... *shares poutine with 8FD and Kitti*...

*giggles* yayay this was so good ... I am loving it .. *sits next to 8 foot and shares his popcorn and throws some at the man of the hour * these twists are fun ,

Thanks for the compliment 8foot. I can't wait to see Karumbey's contribution either.<br />
<br />
Re. the last line. Ewwwwww.

smoked meat poutine thats a winner right thur...<br />
<br />
geetar39...if your writing were a rock song it would be AD/DC's Thunder....<br />
<br />
fantastic evolution...great imagination...lots of pressure on karumbey - but knowing your choice of writers Gee I'm so excited about what Karumbey might create a little bit of pee came out...or it could be gravy...

*goes to get some smoked meat for the poutine*

Oooohhh...<br />
<br />
Usually the best in us comes out when under pressure...<br />
<br />
We'll wait for Karumbey then... *sits with Kitti and Gee and Des... eating poutine and popcorn*...

With Karumbey you never know Sylph.<br />
But it will be fun.<br />
How's that for pressure K?<br />

Well shoot geetar....grumpy monsters just don't look right when they're blushing!!

*bouncing up and down*... yay yay yay... cool stuff, Gee... love it!...<br />
<br />
Does that mean there would be bears now in the story?...

LOL.<br />
Actually there were too many reasons to write in there so 'just because' fit. If you must know:<br />
1) you write well<br />
2) you have a vivid imagination<br />
3) the stuff you find super-neat is super neat<br />
4) your scientific mind probably would love to write some sci-fi<br />
5) you like bears

Wow, I feel truly honored to have been chosen for absolutely no reason whatsoever :P