My Dream Is To Adopt With The Love Of My Life.

One day I just want to look into the eyes of the person I've fallen in love with and tell them I want a baby, but I don't want to have it. I want to adopt a child more than have one. I would rather adopt than be selfish and pop out one of my own and keep populating this planet with more children. I want to give that kid what they need and what they need is a good home with a loving parent, even if they aren't related to me. I want to give a child that already has a life the life they deserve. I don't care what race or what problems they might have, I'll take care of them. And if they ever ask me why I adopted them I'll tell them it's because I would rather have them than anyone else.
RandaJM RandaJM
18-21, F
May 18, 2012