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Hello, my name is Amanda. I have long said I was going to adopt a child, ven when I was in elementary school. I saw this ad on TV that just melted my heart about a little girl adopting a kitten from the H.S. and they were talking about how the kitten would be such a good match in the family given that the little girl, too, was adopted.

Now I have had people tell me it wouldn't be right for the child if I adopted out of my own race. That th child would be confused and have issues with feeling NOT part of the family. What does everyone else think?

Also, I was thinking about learning their language and culture to have some of their traditions as well as my own as a family. I will put a poll up to see what everyone thinks, but for now this story is just food for thought.

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It would depend a lot on your lifestyle, really. There's truth in the old saying, "it takes a village to raise a child." If your close friends and neighbors are diverse in terms or ethnicity and race, then it's easier - perhaps better. If your relatives are open-minded it's much better for the child. If there's already diversity within your family - even better. If you're able to send your child to a school with children and teachers of various ethnic and racial backgrounds, life will be much easier for your child.

there has always been those that find something wrong with people adopting out of their own race but I think it's a great idea at least you want to put forth the effort to research that childs customs and history so you can not only teach them but also keep them true to their culture

I really want to do this as well. In exactly the same way you have described.<br />
To be honest, the way I think about it is that if these children need adopting, even if they do end up a little bit confused - their life is going to be far better with you as a caring mother than it started out anyway.<br />
<br />
Besides, it is completely possible for you to bring up a tolerant, respectful & loving child who understands cultural issues & differences. I think what you are suggesting is entirely possible & beautiful & I wish you the best of luck with it - I intend to do the same myself.